What Happens on the Internet Every 60 Seconds

It is one of the favorite chestnut trees of figures fiddlers and creators of infographics. What happens on the web in a given time? We are regularly entitled to a summary of the genre. But at the speed at which the figures go, it can be useful to get up to date regularly, the latter being almost obsolete by the time of their publication. The latest image attempts to sum up what’s happening on the internet Netherlands B2B List every 60 seconds. The sources being multiple, it is above all useful to get a general idea, each data being to be cross-checked…

The computer graphics are nonetheless quite impressive, with very impressive figures. Every minute, there are therefore an average of 2 million searches on Google, 72 hours of video uploaded on Youtube, 20 million photos viewed on FlickR, 278,000 tweets sent, 1.8 million likes on Facebook, 20,000 new photos on Tumblr, 3,600 Instagram photos or $83,000 in sales on Amazon. And at least 5 visits to the Moderator’s Blog. These figures and many others are available on the infographic, enough to meditate on the drop of water that we represent in this vast universe…

What Happens on the Web in a Given Time?


We sail quietly on the Internet, from page to page, in search of targeted information… When suddenly: a 404 error. The page cannot be found, it has been moved or deleted, in short, it is the tragedy. These pages allow the Internet user to be warned and redirected to the home page or similar content. Sometimes a search field is available to find the desired content. In other cases, webmasters have fun Netherlands B2B List creating original 404 error pages. We have selected 20 of them, in a totally subjective ranking. Do not hesitate to suggest the 404 error pages that marked you in the comments to complete the selection.

Every Friday, we select ten articles written on the blogosphere. It looks like bloggers aren’t taking a vacation this year, given the number and quality of articles published this week. We obviously start the selection with Carla Bruni’s website, which would still have cost taxpayers 410,000 euros. A little expensive for a personal site “proudly powered by WordPress”.

The Computer Graphics

Netherlands B2B List
Netherlands B2B List


Also on the program: the collaborative economy, the 3D printing boom and a little game to end. Have a nice week end ! Carla Bruni: anatomy of a €410,000 cyber disaster A WordPress site at 410,000 euros, for Carla Bruni Sarkozy. At this price, they could still have offered a modern interface and an up-to-date site. But after all, everyone is free to pay whatever price they want for their website. Except that in this specific case, it was the taxpayers who financed it. An unbelievable scandal. These Netherlands B2B List comments are my own, the great Twitter paradox On Twitter, it is probably the most common formula in biographies.

And yet, do your public statements engage only you? Nothing is less sure, while the border between professional life and personal life is less and less marked on the Internet. If you haven’t read Antoine Dupin’s excellent analysis yet, now is the time. Is social media locking us into a role-playing game? Ronan Boussicaud takes up his pen and as always, the quality is there. The Rennais consultant once again offers us a complete and well-documented article. It deciphers the good and bad practices of companies and individuals on the Internet, with a focus on the “slash generation”. An article not to be missed.

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