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Continuous scrolling is being phased in today for most English-language searches on mobile in the US and gradually in other countries. Content of this Blog… What is continuous scrolling? What does continuous scrolling look like? When can you see this continuous scrolling functionality? Why do we care about continuous scrolling? What is continuous scrolling? Google’s mobile search results now offer infinite scrolling, what Google calls continuous scrolling. Therefore, as you scroll, Google will not show you the “ more results ” button when you reach the bottom of the page, but will simply load the next page of results automatically. At the moment it will only include the first 4 pages of the SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages ).

Google said that with this update, people can now do this seamlessly, browsing through many different results, before having to click the ” See More ” button. Google says that while you can often find what you’re looking for in the top results, sometimes you want to keep looking . And for those searchers who want to keep looking, they can Sri-Lanka Phone Number use continuous scrolling up to four pages of search results without clicking to load more. What does continuous scrolling look like? Here’s a GIF in action: continuous scrolling Google Continuous Scrolling When can you see this continuous scrolling functionality? Google has been testing this for some time, in fact I’ve seen it myself for the last two weeks.

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Google said continuous scrolling will be gradually rolled out today for most English-language searches on mobile devices in the US. But Google also tested it earlier this year, and then again in 2019. In 2018, Google took another step towards infinite scrolling by launching the more results button. Why do we care about continuous scrolling? This can encourage searchers to look beyond the first few results and scroll further through more results. How this might affect your click-through rates and traffic from Google search is yet to be determined, but stay tuned. Whenever Google implements a feature, it’s because the data indicates an opportunity to improve the user’s search intent or experience.

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Backlinks to your website Along with content, backlinks are also one of the top 3 ranking factors in Google. These are indicators of trust and popularity and have the ability to boost a website’s ranking. After all, links are essentially votes of confidence between two sites. But you have to understand that there is seldom a short cut to getting quality backlinks. It takes time and usually involves creating great content that other people want to link to. And when there is a significant link gap with your competition, it can take time to close. That said, not all links are created equal. And higher quality links ultimately have the ability to drive rankings faster than lower quality links.

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You can work on building your backlink portfolio. However, keep in mind that the need to close a significant link gap may mean that it takes longer to see results. How long does Google say it takes to see SEO results? Check out the attached video as Google’s Maile Ohye shares her tips for hiring an SEO specialist, including how long it should take to see success. In most cases, it takes four months to a year for SEO agencies to help your business implement improvements first, then see the potential benefits. Conclusion on SEO strategy Once you have implemented your strategy, it is necessary to monitor your site to ensure that you get results. SEO is not a one-time tactic; a good strategy requires continuous reporting and maintenance tactics.

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