What’s New: Google Images Is Getting Better

If the Google search is generally relevant, many tips can improve it. Whether you are looking for a site or an image. For example, you can use search tools, advanced search, or many operators. Filetype:png allows you to view images in PNG format. While site blogdumoderator.com limits the search to articles published on your favorite blog. After the complete overhaul of Google Images , the search engine is improving even further by integrating two new practical features into its service. Finding Animated GIFs There are many services to find an animated GIF . Previously, it was only possible to search for an image in GIF format on the Google Images search engine.

Searching for Images With Transparent Backgrounds


But there was no indication that this GIF was actually an animated GIF. From now on, it is possible to limit the image search to animations. To do this, simply go through the “Search tools” link, then change “All types” to “Animated images”. Searching for images with transparent Bulgaria WhatsApp Number backgrounds Another new feature integrated into the engine is the search for images with a transparent background. No need to remove the background from an image, or cross your fingers for the desired GIF or PNG to be effectively transparent. The principle is the same, you must go through the “Search tools” to limit your search, then change “All colors” to “Transparent”.

Finding Animated GIFs

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