When the Digital Identity Course Goes Viral

Talking about digital identity, especially to students, is not always very glamorous or very engaging. To put her lessons into practice. A teacher decided to post a photo on Facebook accompanied by a call to action which quickly went viral. On the well-known model of the “panel with a message”. She asks Internet users to click on “Like” to prove to her students that. A photo can be seen by a lot of people and that privacy is one and the same. thread on the web. The lesson is likely to be quickly understood since the photo has been liked hundreds of millions of times. But the story would have been too simple. And too beautiful if it stopped there. By going viral, the photo. Of which we do not know the identity of the sender, has also become a meme.

Talking About Digital Identity


It has been taken up and hijacked by many Internet users. Here are some more or less inspired creations that have been posted on Reddit in particular. We will also notice a big “sheep” effect, this photo is taken up by fan pages with very low added value. Which put it online in order to create commitment. And the worst part is that it works. Faced with this very basic “call to action” people click without  Portugal WhatsApp Number List thinking. The photo taken by “Society Choice” which posts, to sum up.  Inspiring sentences with hearts everywhere has more than 800,000 likes.

Where is the reflection on the image and our private life, behind these likes and these shares? As soon as, we had already presented a study by the Crucial site this summer on the French who take their computer on vacation . The company, which specializes in memory and storage solutions, is doing it again by presenting the results of a survey conducted with the Easypanel institute.

We Will Also Notice a Big “Sheep” Effect

 Portugal WhatsApp Number List
Portugal WhatsApp Number List


This focuses on the satisfaction that the French have with their computer, and their attitude when they encounter a problem with it. Unsurprisingly, the nervous breakdowns are numerous! Here are the most significant figures: 12% of respondents are satisfied with the performance of their computer Nearly one in two French people admit to having physically or verbally abused their computer in the last 6 months 62.4% of French people feel annoyed when their computer malfunctions, 26.4% feel helpless To solve the problem, 68% of respondents choose the good old method of restarting. 21% try calling a friend (or family) 5.8% of respondents try the “I press all the keys” method, in case it works…

Figures that are not really surprising, we have all already got angry with our machine when it rows too much, when the windows lock up or when our connection reminds us of the best hours of 56k… To allow you to relax a little, Crucial offers you on the occasion of the competition an SSD M500 worth 86 euros to boost the performance of your computer. Want to win it? Just leave a comment! We will draw one Friday, December 6 at 2 p.m. Enough to receive it in time for Christmas. Good luck ! Edit: the winner has been drawn, it’s Julien, as specified in the comments! We contact him by email.

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