Which Social Media Zombie Are You?

If you, too, are preparing for an impending zombie invasion, it has already begun. The hyper-connected that we are are gradually turning into social media zombies. With heavy and disorderly steps, they walk down the street. Their eyes glued to their smartphone screens. Tweeting, checking, Instagramming their slightest activity. You will of course recognize the main profiles that can be found on these networks. The computer graphics representing the photos of certain users, symptomatic of certain excesses. . Some of these profiles will probably remind you of people you may have met, others are less telling.

The Hyper-connected That


We think in particular of Pinterest which must apply more to the United States where these clichés persist. Facebook Baby-obsessed zombie: All he does is post Slovenia WhatsApp Number pictures of his baby, feeding on the souls of his single, childless friends. The check-in zombie: geolocation fade, he can’t help saying where he is, even this place is.. right behind you. Obviously, do not hesitate to tag with him his friends who do not want it. Twitter The hashtag zombie: as its name suggests, it only speaks in #hashtag and in particular these #hashtags that are so long that it becomes very difficult to read them The self-centered zombie: he only talks about himself and lets his conscience express itself with tweets as useful as “I’m hungry” instagram.

The Hashtag Zombie

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Slovenia WhatsApp Number


The greedy zombie: probably the best known of all, he is not satisfied with his meal unless he has more than 5 likes of his photo posted on Instagram. The shoe fetish zombie: only takes pictures of his feet, he never looks in front of him, which causes accidents in the street pinterest The zombie bride: she only posts ideas for gifts, decorations, cake recipes, photos of dresses and hairstyles for the big day. To the delight of her unmarried friends. The mini-me zombie: he only “pins” anything that is miniaturized (mini-pies, mini-stuffed animals, mini-USB key), he constantly wants to reduce what surrounds him to then post it on Pinterest.

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