White Paper: All About New Domain Name Extensions

Their announcement caused a stir two years ago. Their arrival is getting closer and closer and some were even announced last spring . The new gTLDs, in other words the domain name extensions that will complement the twenty already existing. And those relating Nigeria WhatsApp Number List to each country, will soon arrive. More than 1,800 applications remain in the running for more than 1,400 different extensions. They will not all arrive at the same time but rather gradually from the summer of 2014, but it has already been possible to reserve domain names for a few months.

Does all this still seem obscure to you? These new extensions may well change the web as we know it, so might as well get a bit up to speed before Christmas. That’s good, Gandi has just published a white paper to explain everything to you. Very well constructed, it retraces the history of these new but not only.

Published a White Paper to Explain


It offers you a glossary of domain names, an update on the arrival of these extensions, on the next steps, statistics on the reservations made, explanations on the changes induced… In short, enough to go around the subject in one just over 80 pages. France Télévisions, partner of the Leweb show, has decided to support the event by offering a prospective vision of the city of the future.  theme this year is “The Next 10 Years”, and France Télévisions has also chosen to project itself into the future by projecting Nigeria WhatsApp Number List itself into a hyper-connected city in 2025.

Eight innovations that could (should?) become common uses have been imagined, all from French companies. And they are all visible on the tand. A good way to discover the promising French startups of the moment, what they are working on and how it could impact our lives very soon. Here are the 8 innovations concerned.

Arrival Is Getting Closer

Nigeria WhatsApp Number List
Nigeria WhatsApp Number List


Video images in 4K via the Internet and P2P, via among others Connected glasses, such as Google Glass or those of the French Laster The smart windows on is working The driverless electric car by  Technologies Enhanced television, on which is working (Truly) interactive advertising, with Click On Even stronger than 4G, 5G Li-Fi, data transmission by light, with for example  And here is a video Nigeria WhatsApp Number List presenting these innovations in a city built with synthetic images and imagined by the teams of the Prospective and Technological Innovations Department of France Télévisions with .

A company specializing in design models for mobile digital networks and the engineering of city ​​of the future. The city in question seems to be (at least in part) Rennes, hometown. Related topics: web events Share the article 1 comment

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