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Gamification refers to the application of game elements. And game design techniques to non-game scenarios. And the use of gamification mechanisms to create fun to better achieve goals. That is to say, Cameroon Mobile Number through games, we can empower non-gamified scenarios or products. Let users have more fun in the process of using products, and create greater product value. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the demographic dividend has gradually disappeared, and the e-commerce Cameroon Mobile Number field has begun to enter the stock market from the incremental market. When the number of users cannot grow continuously and effectively, it is necessary to dig deep into the value of existing users, and obtain greater user value through refined operations and increasing DAU.

The Stock Market From Cameroon Mobile Number

On August 6, 2017, Alipay launched Ant Manor again. On November 20, 2019, Ant Manor’s official Weibo released its operational big data. The data shows that since the launch of Ant Farm, about 400 million Cameroon Mobile Number netizens across the country have donated 15 billion eggs. These two gamified products detonated the enthusiasm of users, added gamification attributes to traditional payment tools, and created the entertainment model of “planting trees and raising chickens” in the mobile Internet era. So Cameroon Mobile Number gamified products began to take root on the e-commerce platform. The value of gamified products At present, in the field of e-commerce, gamification products mainly exist as traffic products.

The Picture Comes from The Cameroon Mobile Number

Cameroon Mobile Number
Cameroon Mobile Number

The core goal is to enhance the user stickiness of the platform, revitalize existing users, and increase user activity. Before the appearance of gamified products, major e-commerce companies Cameroon Mobile Numbers basically adopted the form of “sign-in” to send rewards to increase user activity. From a short-term effect, check-in can also give users a strong incentive. However, virtual currency can only form value perception in the shopping process. Cameroon Mobile Number So the accumulation of the total amount of virtual currency alone cannot form a continuous incentive. And users are prone to boredom. At the same time, in order to balance the commercial value.

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