Why is video important?

1000 words is the best choice because it gives you enough room to insert your keywords naturally, while still painting a complete picture for your audience. Colombia Phone Number List  Consider channels : Your word count will vary depending on where you publish your content. A 1,000-word blog post makes sense, but a 1,000-word Facebook Colombia Phone Number List post might not be a good idea. Attention span : Your clients are busy, so you should Colombia Phone Number List choose word counts that make sense for your target audience and the channel you’re publishing on.

How to get the most out of your video content

Long-form content is great because it helps Colombia Phone Number List you rank, but if you need to adjust your strategy based on where you post and who you post your content to. Your Competitors : See search results for a given keyword. What Colombia Phone Number List type of content does Google show in the SERPs, and what is the average word count of competitor articles? You may have a chance to rank higher by delving into different topics on related topics. Long-form content provides a huge canvas that you can use to write your content.

Where can the video be used?

You will want to write copy of the shortest length because engaging copy sounds natural to your readers and contains keywords for search engines. 5. Brainstorm Colombia Phone Number List a great headline One of the hardest parts of copywriting is choosing the right headline. Your headline is the first thing people see in Google, and a good headline can make a big difference Colombia Phone Number List in your click-through rate and overall site engagement. You can have the best copywriting skills in the world and write great copy for your clients, but it doesn’t matter if no one clicks on your article.

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