Your Data Is Worth Gold: Microsoft Invests in Klout

You may already know Klout. This site is one of many services that offer you to assess your online influence. The site is responsible for automatically creating profiles for as many people as possible. Everyone can come and complete it by adding the different social networks to. Which they are registered to increase their points. His activity is then studied, as well as his entourage, his habits, his “moments of glory” which generate more exchanges… In short, Klout has launched an organized file of Internet users under a varnish of amusing gamification. But yes, you are influential, the proof there are 67 people who wished you your birthday on Facebook. We take this opportunity to keep the date warm and archive those who seem to us to be the closest.

This Site Is One of Many Services


The observation may be frightening but is proving to be more and more true. It’s often less serious for people who work in the web and who know how to delimit professional life and personal life. The data collected is not complete, it only concerns part of your activities. But the Uruguay WhatsApp Number problem is real for other Internet users, who serve their lives to Klout on a set, consciously or not. The trick is to know what is done with this data. One of the possible exploitations has just come to light with the announcement of Microsoft’s stake in Klout.

The investment is strategic. In the first place, data from Klout will now be able to appear in Bing search results. Influence score, topics of interest, bio… You don’t choose what the web says about you, you submit to it. We do not yet know exactly Microsoft’s involvement in the site.

The Observation May Be Frightening

Uruguay WhatsApp Number
Uruguay WhatsApp Number


But it is very revealing of the race for social shallots that is currently being played out with your data. The next web challenge? The return to digital anonymity and peace. The end of the search for personal branding at all costs. Rest of the mind. Putting the social in all sauces has its limits, seeing your life exposed online, your data crossed and used for relevance that you don’t need, what if the circle became vicious and led social networks to a dead end? Privacy has become difficult online, the protection of personal data is a crossroads.  Beware of backlash, the story of the Facebook bug is quite instructive in this regard. To be continued…

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