Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Visual eBooks or eBooks are key to any inbound content marketing strategy because they share highly useful content in a closed context. Often the first step in developing a competitive advantage. The takeaways and value of these pieces should be greater than a typical Blog post. You want audiences to start knowing what they are about to learn and leave feeling empowered and knowledgeable. As with Blog posts, you’ll want to include visuals throughout to keep them engaged. Ask the following: How can a flowchart or illustration make a complex idea or process clear? How can a selectable checklist guide them through the key steps? Can data visualization make the benefits of what you share more immediately clear? The more engaged they are, the more they will learn from your ebook and the more impressed they will be with all that your brand has to offer.

This builds trust and authority. Develop interactive content and landing pages content marketing In content marketing, 7 out of 10 consumers will turn off when content is not personalized to them. And interactive widgets, quizzes, and landing pages are the easiest way to deliver custom solutions. Imagine a questionnaire that helps them Tunisia Phone Number choose the right product or service for their needs. Or a widget or calculator to help them make a key trading decision or quote. These are tools they can use over and over again, which means they will come back to your organization for this information. Likewise, an interactive site or landing page offers them multiple ways to explore a complex topic.

Develop a Content Marketing

For example, on a clickable map, they can dive into data for just the states or countries they’re interested in. Or an interactive chart can allow them to manipulate the data or further analyze how the numbers add up. Interactive landing pages are ideal for campaigns that highlight and glorify your brand as a whole – drive traffic to them using shorter-form social media content as a teaser. The important thing is to try to connect everyone and find your audience on different platforms or digital channels. Share useful content on social media Inbound content marketing is all about delivering real solutions to those who need it most. That’s why every piece of content you develop for social media should make it.

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clear how valuable the content you’re sharing is. Deliver that value right away by sharing a thought-provoking data visualization or surprising insight. Then link to content that is directly related to the post and offers more in-depth information on the same topic. That way, the public will see that your brand delivers what it promises and provides real value. Every time you create content as part of your Inbound Marketing strategy, think about the following: why should my audience care about what I post? What did you find? Why will you spend time considering reading my content? If you manage to develop the answer to these questions, I assure you that your content will be of great value and will represent the essence of your company.

Optimize Your Marketing and Sales

Remember that people do not buy WHAT you sell but WHY you sell it. ( Simon Synek ) Optimize your marketing and sales trips What happens in your organization when marketing leads turn into qualified inbound sales projects? If your sales team doesn’t have a clear idea of ​​what each prospect is looking for and what will benefit them the most, you’re more likely to miss out on key opportunities. Make sure you use your customer management tool to its fullest potential and collect useful information about your potential customers. You’ll also want to make sure you convert marketing leads to sales leads at the right stage. And classify the quality of the potential customer effectively. Develop a content marketing strategy All of the strategies we’ve shared here need to be streamlined into a single, cohesive plan.

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